The idea behind particle is to bring back summer. Trough November to March life tends to get a little bit gloomy in the northern hemisphere. Here's a taste of warmer times, presented by rider Sam Lutz and Wake 2 Wake, wake academy in Zürich.

All of this was shot and edited in under 24h. 

Location: Up and down Lake Zürich. 

Music: Electric Mantis Daybreak Majestic

Over Summer 2016 GoPro Supported us on different occasions with their incredibly powerful equipment, such as the new GoPro Hero 6, Karma drone and the nimble but very sturdy Karma Grip. We got the chance to test it all. After Tom's accident, he invested some time in small wave surfing, we traveled from his back garden in Newquay, all the way to Scotland and across the pond to Portugal.

In this episode, we follow big wave surfer Tom Butler, on his first big day back in the water, at his local break Cribbar reef, Newquay, England. Which is where Tom grew up and found his love for the ocean and big wave surfing, later on, we met up with him for a few fun sessions back in Nazaré, where Tom shares his flashback memories and gets on with his job as a big wave surfer. He's now waiting for the big wave world tour to be called on in Nazaré, so he can prove not only to himself but the surf community of what he is capable of. Also incorporated in the series is a training routine, Tom's personal trainer Pablo Sisca put together. Pablo having come from a professional athletic background, he now trains Tom and helped him recuperate after his big fall in 2016.

A short video shot for a Kids Surf Club advert, fro ASA. The idea behind the project was to show going surfing in a different light, especially with kids involved. the generic pack the surfboard, shoot the van whilst on the road, warmup... I wanted to create something a little bit different, most importantly let the kids have fun! 

Spent a week in Nazaré, shooting with world class big wave surfer Tom Butler. Video posted by Magic Sea Weed


In this series we follow big wave surfer Tom Butler through his summer routine, training and having fun on small waves - getting back on track for winter.

Following big wave surfer Tom Butler on his road to recovery, in the episode, we have a look back at some of his biggest wave rides in the past few years. Featured is The Wave Project, a kids charity, helping less fortunate kids to surf and experience new surroundings.

A series I'm part shooting and editing with big wave surfer Tom Butler after his brutal accident at the WSL big wave awards in Nazaré, Tom wanted his comeback documented and shared. Something very few big wave surfers have attempted. 

C-Skins wetsuit test, with Oli Adams and the C-Skins team. I was part of the project as a photographer and infrared camera operator. 



A two day project; collaboration between Wake 2 Wake and MC Service

Shot on lake Zurich.



A Video showcasing a short journey to Quinten. A small town only accessible by boat. Even though kids and families live on this remote part of the mountain, they have no schools or shops in place, which means everything is done via a 15min boat ride, across lake Walensee. The great Chur Firsten spire a few thousand meters up and reflect in the turquoise mountain water.



A short preview of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Shot on a DJI Phantom Professional.