Stories of the people who make your holiday an extrordanary one


With this project I'm focusing on the people often forgotten, the people making ones holiday in to a unforgettable experience. 

 My office

My office


Moved from Manta, Ecuador to the Galapagos in his very early 20s, in order to get himself a better paid job as a fisherman on a local fishing vessel. 

With the parks regulations tightening up and more meaning full jobs to be had Billy decided on guiding tourists on 6 day boat trips or daily excursions around the local islands, taking them up volcanoes and going snorkeling, Billy's knowledge of the local wildlife goes deep, or at least I failed to trip him up with any of my own questions. 

With a family to feed at home, he relies not only on his monthly wage but also tips and even more so on those once in a while generous tips that come trough. 

He was standing on top deck surrounded by huge towering cliffs on one side and bottomless ocean on the other side, listening to the cry of sea lion pups and blue footed boobies trying to find a mate, when I asked him if he likes his job, of course I expected him to answer with something along the lines of "yes" Instead he turned his head 360 degrees, shrugged his shoulders and went "this is my office" he bursts out laughing. It's alright for some!