Thirty men six hours and a bucket of fish.

Padang has suffered severely from overfishing as well as bomb fishing, April 2015 I took my self over there to witness this tragedy with my own eyes and what I saw was worse than I could have imagined. 


The 100m nets are handcrafted from nylon and need fixing on a daily basis. To prevent the young fish being caught the government has enrolled a guideline to the size of the holes in the nets, although these get disregarded from time to time. 


Six men operate one small wooden boat and armed only with a small propeller they leave home early in the morning and usually return 6h - 13h later, although sonar is available most families don’t have the budget for this and rely on the data from yesterdays fishermen. 


The one day I spent with the fishermen of Padang I was shocked at how little fish the 30 men had been able to pull out of the sea. Talking to some of the fishermen there they blame overfishing further out at sea by commercial boats from around the world like Spain and Japan. 


This over fishing is causing families to fish using illegal ways like smaller holes in the net or bomb fishing, impacting the environment even more by slowly killing off the already depleting fish around the island.