Award winning photographer, film-maker and director.

Adventure filmmaker and photographer based in Laax Switzerland

RED Digital cinema owner and operator

Photography clients have included Dakine, Billabong, C-Skins and Finesterre.

The film "The Hunt for Hipmasama" starring UK pro surfer Oli Adams, that I was the principle film-maker for won the prestigious "best British Surf Film" at the 2014 London Surf Film Festival where it also premiered - beating some fantastic competition.

Born in Switzerland in 1995 by the age of 2 I had lived in 4 countries, growing up in Switzerland I had the privilege to spent a great amount of time in the alps, skiing, snowboarding and rock climbing. Age 11 my mother chose to relocate us in a buddhist monastery in the north of England. 2006 is where I first got a hold of a camera and started my journey to becoming a photographer and film-maker. 

At 15 I decided to move to Plymouth to finish my education and start a Photography course at the Plymouth College of Art, where I learned to connect and network with professionals, during this course I started work with some of the top surfers in the UK, which lead on to some incredible surf trips around the world. 

After establishing a production company in the Algarve my passion of climbing has taken me back to the Swiss alps. Our production team continues to operate in Portugal whilst also paving the way here in Laax Switzerland. 

With the ability to sport and trad climb, I am fully capable of rigging a camera on the side of a cliff, my passion for finding different angles has had me rig-up my gear on the side of a cliff in Nazaré, to acquire an angle never captured before.

As professionals it is our job not to press the red button but to capture angles and moments which to an untrained eye might have slipped away. 






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 Danya Schwertfeger

Danya Schwertfeger